Section outline

  • Introduction: Why Java, History of Java, JVM, JRE, Java Environment, Java Source File Structure, and Compilation. Fundamental,

    Programming Structures in Java: Defining Classes in Java, Constructors, Methods, Access Specifies, Static Members, Final Members, Comments, Data types, Variables, Operators, Control Flow, Arrays & String.

    Object Oriented Programming: Class, Object, Inheritance Super Class, Sub Class, Overriding, Overloading, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Interfaces, and Abstract Class.

    Packages: Defining Package, CLASSPATH Setting for Packages, Making JAR Files for Library Packages, Import and Static Import Naming Convention For Packages

  • Exception Handling: The Idea behind Exception, Exceptions & Errors, Types of Exception, Control Flow in Exceptions, JVM Reaction to Exceptions, Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling, In-built and User Defined Exceptions, Checked and Un-Checked Exceptions.

    Input /Output Basics: Byte Streams and Character Streams, Reading and Writing File in Java. Multithreading: Thread, Thread Life Cycle, Creating Threads, Thread Priorities, Synchronizing Threads, Inter-thread Communication.

  • Java New Features: Functional Interfaces, Lambda Expression, Method References, Stream API, Default Methods, Static Method, Base64 Encode and Decode, ForEach Method, Try-withresources, Type Annotations, Repeating Annotations, Java Module System, Diamond Syntax with 08 Inner Anonymous Class, Local Variable Type Inference, Switch Expressions, Yield Keyword, Text Blocks, Records, Sealed Classes

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  • Java Collections Framework: Collection in Java,            Collection Framework in Java,    Hierarchy of Collection Framework,        Iterator Interface,       Collection Interface,       List Interface,       ArrayList,       LinkedList,       Vector,       Stack,       Queue Interface,       Set Interface,       HashSet,       LinkedHashSet,       SortedSet Interface,       TreeSet,       Map Interface,       HashMap Class,       LinkedHashMap Class,       TreeMap Class,       Hashtable Class,       Sorting,       Comparable Interface,       Comparator Interface,       Properties Class in Java.


  • Spring Framework: Spring Core Basics-Spring Dependency Injection concepts, Spring Inversion of Control, AOP, Bean Scopes- Singleton, Prototype, Request, Session, Application, Web Socket, Auto wiring, Annotations, Life Cycle Call backs, Bean Configuration styles

    Spring Boot: Spring Boot Build Systems, Spring Boot Code Structure, Spring Boot Runners, Logger, BUILDING RESTFUL WEB SERVICES, Rest Controller, Request Mapping, Request Body, Path Variable, Request Parameter, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE APIs, Build Web Applications